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The Living Space™ × Storm Rooms

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Industry leading design + construction

Our Motivation-

Due to the dangers of tornadoes and the design weaknesses of many other storm shelters on the market, we sought to engineer an affordable storm shelter that could reliably withstand EF5 tornado conditions. The result was “Living Space™”, a bolt-down, fold-away room made from ¼” steel plates covered with an impact- and sound-resistant rubber armor. “Living Space™” can be installed quickly and non-invasively on a garage slab, eliminating the risks of venturing outside during a tornado and providing handicap accessibility, ease of use, and other advantages




First of its Kind - Geo Marking System

Each storm room gets its own longitude and latitude mark that serves as the storm room’s individual serial number. The Geo Mark happens via GPS at the point of installation. This Geo Mark is displayed inside each storm room and shared with emergency officials.
Personalized Geo Marked Tornado Warnings

Recent improvements in how the National Weather Service defines warning areas have resulted in significantly higher accuracy and smaller warned areas, compared to the decades-old county-wide warning method.

Storm Room Associates and Weather Call Services patented technology continuously monitors the National Weather Service’s NOAA weatherwire.

Using computerized mapping (GIS), the system compares a storm room’s specific location (Geo Marking System) to the broadcast location of the immediate warning area. When a tornado or severe weather warning includes your storm room’s location, you will receive a phone call from Storm Room Associates via Weather Call.

The Storm Room Associates can warn you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, since tornadoes can happen any hour on any day. We will keep watch so you can be better prepared. You can also receive the warning and share warnings with others to let them know you might be in your storm room and need help, by emailing you and them with a detailed map of the threat or by SMS text messaging.

Patent Fold Away Design 

Our design utilizes less footprint for added value. 


Material Built for Sound

The materials used for construction enable for "safe sound." 


Proudly Made in MO

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Residential Storm Shelter Prices


Starting at $5,995

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Our Patent Pending “Fold Away” Storm Room is four foot by four foot and six foot tall (16 square feet) can easily protect 6 people. The Storm Room is made of high strength ¼ inch thick carbon steel
(not the standard 7 gauge or 3/16 inch steel) and covered in a thick layer of our “proven performance” (Pat Pend) composite material. Our composites can take on 2.5 times more impact energy when compared to metal alone and cuts noise (sound pressure) in half..


Commercial Storm Room Prices + Bulk Purchasing 

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